Miyabi gets a Solo DVD!

The news broke yesterday that Miyabi will be releasing a new Solo DVD some time next month with the title『NATURAL & COOL』. 

It was only two or three days ago that I was saying in #wotachat that I predict they'll announce Miyabi's second photobook this week. Turns out that I was pretty darn close. Though I'll admit that I was mostly joking when I said it. The converstation had taken a down turn with everyone saying "after Ai-chan's announcement last week, I wonder what horrible news awaits us this week". I said, "They'll announce Miya's 2nd PB," mostly to lighten the tone of the conversation, and also because it was the potential news that I most wanted to hear.

The funny part is that, upon making the prediction, the others dismissed the idea almost immediately. "She probably doesn't want a PB," they said. That's reasoning I've heard before. The Captainists have been saying that for years in an attempt to explain why their Idol doesn't have a PB. And yet the announcement came then too, proving all of the naysayers wrong.

While there hasn't been a photobook announced this time yet, it's still a very real possibility. Captain's solo DVD was also announced prior to the photobook. It used to be the normal order of things. It's only fairly recently that they switched them up whereby photobooks were starting to get announced first. So, I'm pretty certain that the PB will be announced over the next week or two. And if it isn't, you can hold my words against me.

We have been gifted a brief preview the solo DVD, however. It's far shorter than anything we could have hoped for, but I know perfectly fine that for fans of an Idol, even the smallest of videos and news bytes become the most significant stories in the world. And I'm certain that this news deserves nothing less than such treatment.


quaestor said...

I think an Idol getting a PB is a combination of factors like demand and the willingness to make PB. Since UFA is not particularly talented at gauging what fans want these days, I'm not surprised that several Idols are only now getting their own PBs.

But they'll eventually have one anyways so I can't really complain.

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