Kikkawa Yuu's Solo Debut!

For the last few weeks, there have been rumours floating around that Kikkawa was about to get her debut as a Hello! Project soloist, as well as some news which hinted tentatively towards that end, but this news comes as confirmation.

Our fears have indeed been realised.

Kikkawa Yuu will release her first single, titled "Kikkake wa YOU!" at the end of March. The single, set to release in 4 versions (RE, and LE A, B & C) will all be different. With the Regular Edition featuring a remix of the titular track as it's c/w, while the three Limited Editions will each contain one of the three songs she performed at the Hello! Project Winter 2011 concerts. 

Though I'm not a Kikkawa fan, I still herald this as good news. She is one of the more popular of the Eggs, and will no doubt enjoy a successful career. And with the rate at which H!P is losing members, introducing three new 9th Gen members and debuting two Eggs in the space of a mere month, UFA are trying to make up for lost numbers, it seems.

Not to mention that it will probably shut up all those people asking for her to join Morning Musume.


sswishbone said...

Your fears have been realised? Shouldn't have said that where one of Kikka's biggest fans could read it! *lines up his right foot* Still, you regard it as good news, so for now you're excused, but I'll be watching!

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