Buono!'s Zassou no Uta PV

Upon the creation of Buono!'s official YouTube channel, it seemed that the first order of business was the release of their newest PV, featured below.

The PV features the girls singing, dancing, and working, in a garage, surrounded by horribly "pimped" classic sportscars - complete with neon underlighting. It's a horrible mess. But at least it's pretty clear what they were trying to achieve. And, abominations against the world of automobiles aside, the PV is actually pretty decent.

The decision to set it in a garage was a weird one though. I guess there's something intricately sexy about girls who understand mechanics. Despite the stigma attatched to people who work in such places.

The song itself isn't the best that Buono! have ever released, and is by far one of the least memorable tunes. But at the same time, I've heard much worse come from H!P. So this song exists somewhere in the middleground between "interesting - awesome" and "interesting - rubbish".

All in all, a decent PV and a decent song, if slightly on the boring side.

Yet on a not-so-boring note... What is up with Miyabi's hair? She looks like Minni Mouse.


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