Berryz Koubou to release 7th Anniversary PB

It was revealed today on the official Hello! Project site that, to mark 7 years since Berryz Koubou first debuted, they will be releasing a celebratory Photobook titled Berryz Koubou 7 Shuunen Kinen PHOTO BOOK 「7」.

The website hints at what the PB will include. It will feature pictures of each girl through the years, going back as far as their very first Photobook. A good chance to easily glance over how each member has chnaged in the past 7 years in a trip down memory lane for everyone. I have a feeling that seeing these pictures again will evoke just as many memories among us fans as it will among the girls themselves. 

That said, I hope we get to see the girls' reactions upon seeing the photobook for the first time. How they react to those old pictures of themselves and eachother will prove to be a very interesting watch. And I hope UFA have the foresight to have cameras on hand when it's first shown to the girls.

Aside from that, there will also be interviews where the girls will, presumably, talk about their 7 years in Berryz (and 9 in Hello! Project). Perhaps retelling an anecdote or two. It will also, assuredly, provide us with some information on where Berryz hope to be in the future. 

I think that this is a vital PB for Berryz fans, both new and old. But it probably won't hold much interest for anyone else. Judging from the information we have been provided already, it's unlikely to catch the attention of a random punter off the street.


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