Momo Beach

Before I go on. Let's just take a moment to enjoy that picture, shall we? I dunno what it is, but there's something so "eye-catching" about that picture. Nor am I particularly sure why I think it's so sexy. Perhaps it's one of those inner answers which requires deep meditation to discover. But I can wager a guess. Maybe it's the top she's wearing, which appears, at a glance, to be a little more revealing than it really is. Or perhaps I'm just falling in love with Momoko. It will go down as one of life's greatest mysteries.

That said, Momoko really is maturing, both physically and mentally, I bet. Although judging from her week of Yorosen, she's still as insane as ever, but it was more of an intellectual kind of crazy... Ah, who am I kidding? She's a kid (albeit about a year younger than myself). Even if I convince myself otherwise, or no matter who hard I try to rationalise my thoughts, it's still the case. (laugh)

So, Momoko's Photobook came out in the last week, I haven't seen any complete scans yet, but I look forward to seeing it. Going from the previews, this is likely to be her best photobook yet. Makes me wish I'd bought it, but alas, it wasn't on my wishlist at the time. Oh well, there's always time, I did buy the Yurina PB a full year after it's release. I'll maybe ask Santa to send me a copy. Hm... Do you think Santa is a Momo fan? He'd be a fool if he weren't a H!P fan, anyway.


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