Hello!Project - Stories of a Collection! [Part I]

Well, the 7th was pay day for me, and so the first thing I did was put in my order for several H!P releases that are either just out or bordering on release. Just thought I'd make a little entry to talk about the H!P goodies I've bought over the last 2 years.

Well... I say 2 years, but I didn't actually buy anything until the start of this year when I got my very first Concert DVD and H!P item. Hello!Project Winter 2008. This was an expensive first purchase, but worth every penny I spent. (I believe it consumed the remainder of the money I had "requisitioned" over Christmas) 4 Discs. (Wonderful Hearts, Elder Club, Haro!Pro awards, and bonus backstage footage), and the Wonderful Hearts concert instantly became my favourite concert. I've not enjoyed watching a concert before, nor since, WH Winter 2008. And it's probably the one I've seen the most often too (barring, perhaps, Berryz Koubou Summer 2007 ~ Welcome! Berryz Kyuuden, from which my blog's name so creatively lends itself to). I'd already been somewhat of a Berryz fan before it, so I enjoyed seeing most of what Berryz performed. And the M-C which featured Maasa, where she seemed to make some humerous remark about Makoto. (If anyone has a translation of that, I'd be deeply appreciative if you shared it.) But after seeing the performance of EVERYDAY! Yeah feat. Saki, AriKanna and MaiMai ... That sent me down on the path to C-ute fandom as well. I guess I owe Tsunku my undying gratitude for that song and Ookina Ai de Motenashite. Well... And damn near every other song he has written for H!P.
Also, the Risako / Sayumi performance of Robokiss was just filled with win. I'm not even that great a Risako fan (and in fact hated her when I first watched this), but despite that I loved it. I've heard people saying things like "they should have left that song alone" and "W were much better". But I'd like to announce here that these murder accusations are false! It was a great performance and, in my opinion (keeping in mind that I AM a 4th Gen fan) it was just as good as, if not better than, some of W's performances of the song. Lots of cute facial expressions from Sayu and I love the costumes. I haven't seen their duo in the Summer concert yet, because it has yet to be shipped, but I'm hoping it will be as good as the Robokiss performance.

The Elder Club concert I watched afterwards, and that may or may not have affected my judgement. But I didn't enjoy it quite so much. While I love OG as much as the next guy, and Yossy remains my favourite Morning Musume member to date, I thought the concert just wasn't as fun as Wonderful Hearts. I hade to use this word, but it lacked that energy that WH had - the X Factor, if you will. But we got to see Yuki Maeda, so no regrets. Mind you, knowing that this concert is one of the last times we'll see some of these Elder Club girls, perhaps I'll give it another chance. It's just a little dissapointing that it took the announcement of Elder Club mass graduations to make me say that.
That said, some performances I really enjoyed. Abe Natsumi's Iki wo Kazenemashou is one of my favourite songs by her, and this had me singing along like a 12-year old watching High School Musical. There wasn't enough Yuko in the concert, though. A complaint we've heard countless times before, I'm sure. But still true. And while I'm talking about her, don't you guys think that Yuko only gets more and more beautiful as she gets older. There's no way she doesn't have a boyfriend. She or UFA are probably just keeping it secret because it's not really the character she developed in her time as an idol as that "Beauty who can't seem to find the right guy..." You heard it here first.


Liamers said...

1: whats with the (?) after chisatos name,
2: too right yuuka ftw,
3: I am so jealous of the stuff you bought
4: Can I have the stuff you bought

Anonymous said...

I started collecting in 2005 with a couple photobooks and cd's. Then it progressively grew throughout the years with concert shirts, DVD's, more CD's and official photos. The last item I got was the concert shirt of course. I hope to try and get more items in 09 maybe.

Liamers said...

CONGRATS on your 1000th visit

Dran said...

I put the (?) after Chisato's name, because at the time I wasn't sure if Chisato was actually in the performance or not. Turns out she wasn't. XD

And I don't think Yuuka was mentioned at all in this entry.

adventwriter said...

I agree with Liam - I am also a bit jealous of the stuff you bought....hopefully I can buy more stuff for my collection soon.

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