Layout Update

Just a quick entry to tell you guys about the new look of the site.

Some of you may have noticed last month that the place changed a little. Namely the position of the side-bar switched from the right to the left. This was just the first part in a (hopeful) number of changes being made to the look of the place. But now, as you can see, the banner is gone and has been replaced with an entirely new one (courtesy of Liamers over at Mayuge Madness) and a new colour scheme to match.

I changed, mostly because the colours of the old look were really starting to bore me, and I wanted a bit of a change. And since white technically isn't a colour, it can't be a boring one. Also, this new theme provides a lot of room for future updates to the look, where as the old theme was fairly static and there wasn't much I could really do with it. And I do have a few ideas for the future, I hope I can one day put them into practice, but for now... Please bear with me as I tweak the font colours, etc. And please look forrward to anything the future may bring!

Finally, I'd like to ask you for your feedback, anything you want to see or colours that you think would compliment the theme.


Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty!
Shwee likes!
More awesome banner work from Liam there. XD

Sarah said...

The layout's cool.
Well done on Liams part there.
I think the write background is working great!

Liamers said...

ya lets praise Liam some more XD :P....looking great Aaran

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