Kumai Yurina's Moon Diary

I just found this excellent Kumai Yurina OPV, titled "Moon Diary - The Power of Perfect Circle".

This OPV is simply beautiful, there are no other words to describe it.

The video, itself, is about 2 years old, so there isn't any up-to-date footage included. And most footage seems to come from the 2002-2005 era. So we get to see lot's of video and pictures of Yurina (and the other girls) looking quite young, and very cute.

It starts off with a brief interlude, stating that the OPV was made for the creator's sister's birthday. Then at about 0:37 begins the introduction. With a "Yutta Factory Presents" and a beautiful nightscape view of Tokyo all lit up. The image dissapears briefly for a nifty animation with "Kumai Yurina"'s name in both romaji and kanji, and the nightscape returns with the title and a large, beautiful moon in the sky that wasn't in the previous image. The music fades, and the OPV begins. As the camera zooms in on a turqoise book labeled "Yurina's Diary" the music starts. The music is sung as beautifully as the lyrics. I wish I knew who and what the song was. If anyone knows, be sure to drop a comment. I'm dying to know. Anyway, inside the book reveals some pictures and "memories" of Hello!Project Kids. As well as brief footage from some Dramas such as Hotaru no Hoshi.

We are given a message from the notebook saying;

"I will do everything for my beloved group
So happy for growing up with Berryz Kobo"

And we are soon treated to footage of Yurina with each of the other member's in turn. Showing them as being good friends. This is the sweet and innocent Berryz that I miss. Despite that. I do look forward to seeing them mature and Berryz becoming a different group entirely. But it's nice to look back on the old days with a bit of nostalgia.

"With all these wonderful memories
I feel like I'm climbing a stairway to adulthood
..........I'm growing up......."

Anyway. I'll stop there. I just pointed out a few of my favourite moments from this extraordinary OPV. And it really was. Be sure to watch it. It's now one of my all-time favourite OPVs. And if Yurina wasn't already one of my favourite H!P members, she would be after seeing it.


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