Chinami's Phone Stolen?

It's been a bit of a hot-topic in the Chinami thread at Hello!Online the last few days. I think I'll mention it here.

There are rumours going around now that Chinami's cellphone has been stolen, either some one deliberately stole it, or she lost it and someone picked it up. I'll let you be your own judge. Anyway. Wether or not this rumour is true is anyones guess. But the facts are that several unseen pictures have recently appeared on 2ch. Pictures featuring other members of Berryz and C-ute. The image quality seems fairly consistent with cellphone cameras. Some are noticably lower-quality than others, mind. But it does seem that a fan has managed to get Chinami's phone and has taken pictures from it's memory.

There's also a related rumour that the police have been involved in searching for the missing phone. Surely with modern technology it wouldn't be any real effort to locate a stolen cellphone?

Anyway, these are the pictures that I've seen:

There are more likely alot more of those around. The thing that worries me most is that someone stole her phone, there could have been anything on it. I've seen maybe a dozen photos uploaded, but that couldn't have been all the phone had. I suspect there were plenty more pictures that haven't been uploaded yet. And not to mention that Chinami's phone would likely have the other members' phone numbers stored.

Of course, we still can't be sure if the phone was actually stolen. But it's a worrying thought, no less.


habichan said...

Even though it's nice to see the pictures, whoever stole/found chinai's phone should of handed it in! >=[
They shouldn't invade into her personal life like that! There could of been pictures on there she didn't want anyone to see!
But i do however love the picture of Chinami in the pink hat! :D
and maasa's pic haha!

Dran said...

I agree. There's no way that these pictures were all that was on the phone. I'm sure there was alot more on there, which hasn't been put on the internet -- a good thing, to be sure. But it's still an invasion of privacy, as you say.

There are all sorts of fans, I suppose.

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