I recently discovered the wonders of Keyhole TV. A free program that allows people to watch LIVE Japanese Television absolutely free! I've been using it all week now, and I thought I'd blog about it here to share with you guys.

The software is simple and easy to use, even though it's in Japanese it doesn't take any knowledge whatsoever of the Japanese language to work, or to enjoy. The quality, however, isn't great. But when you get to watch your favourite Japanese TV Shows live for free, what's there really to complain about?

This week I've been watching Berikyuu with it, and just this afternoon I watched this week's Utaban! The novelty just doesn't wear off.

So I hear you asking, "Dran, how do I get this software?" And I'll tell you. The first thing is to download the installer, which can be found here. This should only take a few seconds to download with a broadband connection. Once done you simply install the file to your hard drive. Run the .exe file and a window will pop up with, hopefully, a number of buttons in the top half of the window and a list of channels in Kanji below. If not, make sure the button on the top-left says "Online". Click the button to log in, and hit the "Update" button. You should see the channels. If you can't read what the Kanji says, don't worry. If you click on a channel it should reveal a thumbnail picture and a brief description of the channel. These descriptions should provide the english name for the channel such as "TV Asahi" or "Fuji TV". Also, TV-Tokyo often appears near the bottom of the list with the description "tokyo12".

Once you've decided on a channel to watch, simply double-click and the client will begin streaming the video/audio-feeds.

However, you should remember that Japan is 9 hours ahead of GMT, so some of your favourite TV shows or animes may air at strange times for you.

If you know the broadcast times for any good shows, then please share them in the comments.

This is good software to catch the last episodes of Haromoni@ live. If you are free during the hours it broadcasts.


Anonymous said...

This is great software, too bad for me i'm on a mac and it ain't mac compatable.

I never actually knew you could watch these channels, until now.

In the US, you can get a channel called TV Japan through your satelite or telco provider, but the price is 25 dollars per month, but for free, you can watch it online. I think it's awesome

Anonymous said...

Do you know what time Haromoni@ is shown?

Dran said...

The show airs on Sundays from 12:25-12:49 JST.

That makes it 3:25-3:49 British time. :/

I guess it takes a real wota to stay up til then to watch Haromoni@. :P

Anonymous said...

11:25pm here in EDT (10:25pm in winter time) is when it's on. If I could, I could watch it live

Anonymous said...

Hmm so thats 3:25 Sunday morning?
Hmm I might try and stay up :P
It is TVTokyo right?

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's tv-tokyo

Dran said...

Fans of Utaban should tune into TBS at 12:00-1:00PM British Summer Time on Thursday afternoons. In the US, unfortunately, it airs in the early hours of the morning.

But it does air during working/school hours here too, so people from both countries are in a similiar position.

However, for those of you who ARE able to watch it (like me, who gets Thursdays off), then I thought I'd share. :)

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