Yorosen : So it Begins

月曜~金曜 (Monday-Friday)

テレビ東京「よろセン!」 (Yorosen)

月・火・木 - 24:53~25:00
水 - 25:13~25:20
金 - 25:53~26:00

Yorishiku Sensei (Yorosen) has just aired for the first time, you will probably find the episode on Hello!Online tracker or on YouTube within the next few hours. (And as soon as I find it, I'll embed it in this post). Those of you who have read my post on (or were already using) KeyholeTV may have been lucky enough to watch it live. If not, don't fall behind, find my previous post on Keyhole while you have the oppertunity and get the software (or anything better you find elsewhere). The broadcasting times are found above.

Don't read Japanese? Want to know what those times are in your respective time zone? Refer to this:
  • Monday: Japanese (JST) - 24:53~25:00 | British (GMT) - 16:53~17:00 | US-Eastern (EST) - 11:53~12:00
  • Tuesday: Japanese (JST) - 24:53~25:00 | British (GMT) - 16:53~17:00 | US-Eastern (EST) - 11:53~12:00
  • Wednesday: Japanese (JST) - 25:13~25:20 | British (GMT) - 17:13~17:20 | US-Eastern (EST) - 12:13~12:20
  • Thursday: Japanese (JST) - 24:53~25:00 | British (GMT) - 16:53~17:00 | US-Eastern (EST) - 11:53~12:00
  • Friday: Japanese (JST) - 25:53~26:00 | British (GMT) - 17:53~18:00 | US-Eastern (EST) - 12:53~13:00
So. Now that you know. If you haven't seen the first episode already, and don't want any spoilers, don't read beyond this point.

It started with all of the Morning Musume members sitting in the classroom (apparently the theme of the show) at their desks chatting. When Reina, their sensei, walks in and a pretty sexy outfit that reminds me a little of the costume that Yuuko wore in the "Until the Bus Comes" skits. Anyway, she came in and introduced herself. And then proceeded to start sticking things on the board. Cards with text on them I didn't understand. This episode needs a translation to be fully enjoyed. And I hope someone out there will translate. Without understanding what is on the board, the meaning of the entire episode was lost on me and will likely be lost on alot of other people.

Please, someone, translate these 3.5 minute shows!

(EDIT: I've found a copy of the video on YouTube. | EDIT2: Replaced with working subbed version.)


Liamers said...

very dramatic title there Dran!

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