Berikore! shirts to be owned.

Well, I just put my order into Ohta's store for the shirt you see above. It'll be my first Hello!Project shirt and I'm happy it'll be my favourite idol's one. Although I was tempted to go for Miyabi's instead, for the sole reason that I liked the colour.

If you're interested in ordering one too, you can find them on Ohta's store here. But be fast, if you try after October 9th it'll be too late, as he'll have already sent away for the order.

I'm looking forward to recieving mine. And I'm sorry that this entry wasn't very interesting. But there are two pretty Maasa pics up above to keep you parasites happy.


Shirow said...

Thats an awesome t-shirt, I would love to get one also!
I think what makes them so special is the rarity of them.


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