Jingisukan Tarutaru Mix - New PV


Earlier I was recommended a look at a new Jingisukan PV by a couple of people, including shwee who said "Maasa is center". My friends know me well. Anyway, I've checked it out, and I love it. The old PV we saw before with the dancing sheep was weird, and it may have been fun, but it was in no way a great PV - not in comparison to this one, anyway.

And indeed, just as I had been told, Maasa is the center of the PV as she takes the most prominant place at the top of the stairs, and with slight alterations to her costume to help match the original song by German pop-group Dschingis khan, she stands out the most in the video, despite being stuck at the back of the group.

What I love about this one is that it has a healthy combination of footage we have already seen from the various PVs (including the Mongolian Dance Shot ver. which happened to be my favourite version) of the original Berryz cover, as well as some performance footage from the original german Dschingis Khan versions. Also included is some brand-new footage which is very simple and mimics the 1980's style of the original song and performance.

The dancing sheep that baffled, confused, and terrified us all also makes a re-appearance in this version, but this time in cartoon-form, which is significantly less terrifying than the old photo-realistic looking sheep used in the previous remix PV.

As for the song itself, I've already cast my opinions on that in a previous entry, and readers of this blog will hopefully remember the positive entry I made on it. But I'll say this, almost a month has passed this the single was released, and the song is as catchy as ever, and watching this PV will only put the weirdness of the song and video in your head for another 3 weeks, but it is still hard to fault such a great remix.

And on that note, here is the new PV.


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