The Kohole Begins to Collapse!

Another round of graduations, the likes of which H!P has never seen before. The Miracle Girl is leaving. This is too much. There's nothing left for me here now, UFA have gone too far and have doomed themselves and all of us.

Okay, I don't actually think that, I'm just poking a bit of fun at Hello!Online who react the same way every time a graduation is announced. Koharu is leaving in the hopes of becoming a model. It's not the end of the world, not yet anyway. In fact, it's a good sign!

Don't get me wrong, Koharu is my favourite Morning Musume member and it's saddening to see her being the first to graduate. But at the same time is wonderful. Morning Musume has been in dire need of a lineup change for over a year now. The lineup may be the best one Musume have ever had, and definately the most stable. But that stability wears on the fans - me in particular. Morning Musume was built in a revolving door system of graduations and auditions, and to me that's how it should always continue. The girls are far too safe. It's boring to see the same thing every time. No auditions. No graduations. Reina/Ai getting all the lines.

Koharu has bravely stepped into the breach and become a hero, a martyr if you are so poetically inclined. She's the Miracle girl alright, and people are fools for doubting it.

Despite the fact that my favourite member is leaving, I think Morning Musume can only become more interesting and improve now that the lineup is finally changing again. Auditions in the near future? Both Ai and Tsunku have hinted at possible auditions - although not likely to occur this year. Any predictions on when they might be? We could set up a wager pool - closest guess wins!

Anyway, Koharu is set to graduate at the end of the current tour on December 6. Better get your tickets quick, because that'll be a grad concert to remember!


Anonymous said...

hmm wager, aye? i put my money on Koha's ex-Milky way girls and Jang Dayun.... does 20 silver pieces cover it?

Kohayahai - 小冬 said...

just in Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year)!!!!
this is incredible!!!!!
am i dreaming???


Anonymous said...

sigh berryz are officially the only group with their sh*t together I will miss you Koha or "sum-sum"

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