Discovering Mirai

SHIDA MIRAI - the beautiful actress who I've recently taken a shine to. Why? Well, originally because of her striking resemblance to a certain other idol whom I have been known to worship. Sudou Maasa.

I was first introduced to Mirai when a group of us began trolling the Download Festival forums*. At that time there was one thread in particular we invaded, their so-called "Post pics of respectable wimminz" thread. We noticed a huge lack of Japanese Idols being posted. We took matters into our own hands and started posting pics of various H!P members. We started off taking it very seriously, trying to outdo eachother and annoy the boardies at the same time. And then it took an interesting turn - we decided to try find out what exactly we could get away with. They accused sswishbone of posting underage girls when he'd post a bikini shot of a 19-year old Reina. We took it upon ourselves to start posting actual underage idols. Bikini shots of Risako. Bikini shots of Airi.

There is a funny story there, actually. Just to see what would happen I posted that infamous picture of 11 year old Saaya Irie. Following that a user on the forum posted "That's just too far, that girl 2 posts up is only 10 years old!" I thought I'd been busted, then I read the post a second time and noted that he was actually referring to the post above mine - which was, once again, a 19 year old Tanaka Reina. So posting pictures of the petite Reina (19) is more controversial than the picture of big-breasted Irie (11)? Incredible.

*As for why we were trolling those boards... We'd heard rumours about how they make fun of wota, and on the first night we'd probably had a bit to drink, so Krv and I decided to register and start trolling - although it was subtle trolling. Like a game of bogeys, the longer you could last before you just got banned the more fun it would be, we thought. We had so much fun we went back every night for about a week - ultimately getting their wimminz thread (which had before we arrived amassed 45 pages of posts) deleted. Although that wasn't us. They got so annoyed with all the asians that they posted porn to get the thread deleted. Incredible.

We don't normally go trolling. It just felt like a crusade against wota-haters.

But anyway, I'm rambling. Back to Mirai!

At one point during our little secret crusade, Krv posted a few pics of Shida Mirai. I was amazed. That girl looks just like Maasa. I found out who she was, and ran a search on her. Damn. Not an Idol. She is, however, an actress, and Krv reccomended 2 or 3 of her dramas to me. Being a Drama fan, I couldn't pass the opportunity to see dramas starring a Maasa look-alike, and so I started watching her first drama, Jyoou no Kyoushitsu or The Queen's Classroom. She didn't look much like Maasa back then, instead I noted her resemblance to Okai Chisato, but I kept watching because the Drama was good. For a cast full of child actors, the acting was well done and the script well written.

It's interesting to note, however, that my favourite character in this drama wasn't Mirai's, but Fukuda Mayuko's character Shindo Hikaru. Hikaru-chan was adorable.

So I finished that drama, moved onto the next, and then the next, and so on. I've since seen every drama she's starred in (not including guest appearences for an episode or two) up to last year's Seigi no Mikata, a romantic comedy about an evil sister who treats her little sister like a slave.

By that point, though, I'd stopped seeing her as a Maasa look-alike and started seeing her as Shida Mirai. It was far too distracting to watch a drama and see Mirai make a certain face that would pull me out and cause me to say, "Wow. She looked so much like Maasa there!" It really stopped me from enjoying the drama and Shida's performance as an actress.

She has a new drama airing next month based on the children's book A Little Princess. I'd never heard of it before, but it's supposedly quite a famous one having spawned various Musical and Movie adaptions the world over. Either way I can't wait to see the new drama. If it's good enough to have so many adaptions, Shida Mirai can only serve to make the story more accessible for people like me who have never read the original or seen the various adaptions.

Anyway, to quench the thirst for more Mirai in the meantime, yours and mine, lets enjoy some footage from her UTB photoshoot.


sswishbone said...

The ironic thing about this Dran, who is it that got banned from the Download boards? Me! Number of rules broken? Zero! They are anti-wota, those wicked people!

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