Chinami First Photobook!

Is it true? Is it actually freezing over in Hell? Well, looking at this hot new photobook will certainly thaw it out!

That's right, children. Chinami becomes the latest addition to the list of H!P idols to get a photobook. It's due for release in 9 days on the 11th. Her photobook closely follows a certain other member's photobook in the way it's been released.

Six months ago, on the first day in March we received news that shook the world. Sudou Maasa would get a photobook. We were given less than 2 weeks to preorder all our copies and get excited about it before it's release on the 11th.

Wait. All that sounds familiar. Isn't that what is happening now, six months after Maasa's? The dates are all matched up, hell, even the bikini on the cover doesn't look all that different. Sure, the colour and pattern are different, but the basic shape is the same. This is a copycat photobook! I'm onto your plan, Chinami! You can't fool me.

And if history really does repeat itself we should have a preview on DohhhUP! of the PB around this time next week. I look forward to seeing weather my predictions are accurate or now. But assuming they are accurate. Would it be far fetched to presume that 6 months from now, on the first of March, we'll hear news that Captain is to release her first photobook? She is the 3rd member of the "back three" as it were, and the only Berry now without a photobook - and to be honest, the member after Maasa that I most wanted to see a photobook of.

Anyway, judging from the wonderfully colourful cover of Chinami, as it appears to have been called, I think we can safely predict this to be an epic photobook and a well worthy look at what Chinami looks like in a Bikini.


Anonymous said...

yay she's another favorite

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