First off, my apologies for not updating either this blog or the Church of Maasa for well over a month. Throughout most of December I was bed-ridden with a bad case of the flu. But I'm back now, and what an entry to come back with!

It's recently been announced that Kago will make her come-back with this new Photobook. From National Idol and MiniMoni member to Gravure model, Kago will be appearing in a "semi-nude" photobook, due for release on the 23rd of January.

From what I can tell from Forum and BBS posts, reception for this news has been pretty polarised. With many female residents saying "I don't like this new Aibon", and with the majority of male residents, like myself, excitedly awaiting more previews, and ultimately the release of the photobook. The latter is my own perspective, and the perspective this entry will assume. If such a thing offends you in any way, don't read, and don't flame in the comments section.

Ai has become famous in recent years for her scandal - underage smoking and dating an older man. And with this new photobook, I think it's very likely that she has been trying to show the world that she isn't the 13 year-old Minimoni anymore, and has matured into a woman. And, let's face it, posing for a nude (even semi-nude) photoshot is definately one way of going about that, it may or may not be the best method, but a method still. Of course, she later came to regret dating that man and in a recent interview said that after turning 20, she no longer felt the urge to smoke, even though she was now legally able to do so. I just hope this photobook isn't something she'll come to regret later like those other things.

The photobook, itself, is looking really ... interesting. I myself am really looking forward to seeing it. There were rumours about a nude photobook some time ago, looks like the rumours weren't too far from the truth. I do wonder, though, if I'll ever be able to look at Kago the same way again after seeing it? What do you guys think? Good? Bad? Ugly?


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