Wota-kai!? Episode 2

The show has returned after the pilot proved more successful than we could have ever imagined!

Some scheduling issues got in the way last week. We had hoped to record and have it released by Monday last week, but Ren proved to be too busy on the recording day,  and following attempts to postpone the recording by a day or two proved to be unworkable. So we had to cede defeat and resume as normal the following weekend.

We are now starting to get the hang of it though, and we hope to gradually change the format and the way things work over the next few episodes to make this into the show we had in our minds when we created it.

The biggest such change right now is the introduction of a third member to the podcast. This member is our special guest, and will change every week, as new people are invited, or ask to be on the show. This is something I wanted to do from the very beginning, to help keep the show fresh with new opinions and personality. Especailly as both Ren and myself are Berryz fans above all else, so a Morning Musume fan or a S/mileage one would do well to balance out an episode. Though Ren and I both agreed that the first episode should just be the two of us, so we could find our feet first.

This time, our guest is magatsu17. I've known him since the days when I was in ICU-Subs. He joined quite late in the group's life, and none of the several projects he had timed for them ever actually saw the light of day. So, when we formed KIDS, he seemed like a good person to have do some temp work for us. So disillusioned were we all by ICU, that he was just happy to finally see a project he had worked so hard on actually released.

Episode 2 of the podcast can be found here. Alternatively, you can now listen to it below.

This week's topics include concerts of the past, and how they differ from the concerts of more recent years; whether UP FRONT are always up front about the reasons that members graduate; and whether or not Idols are negatively influenced by the media-percieved sexualization they are subjected to as young girls.


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