Okai Chisato 2nd DVD "Imp Girl"

This week we had UP FRONT revealing previews for Okai Chisato's new DVD, titled "Imp Girl".

It's been almost a year now since the release of her first solo DVD, "Chissa~". And, although it was right at the peak of H!P's dreaded Image Videos, it still proved to be a pretty good release - especially for the numerous Chisato fans out there.

It was one of those releases that we, at KIDS, had decided to work on almost immediately after it was announced - in fairly spectacular fashion at that. If I remember correctly, it was announced live on her livestream show when they started running footage from the Making DVD, and blew the minds of the several thousand fans who were watching.

Now, this isn't an announcement that we're also going to sub this DVD, but it's a very real possibility. With Hyakupa gone, that leaves us as the premier H!PKids fansubbing group, and who better to sub it than us?

I'll have to speak to the others about it. I'm certain it'll mostly depend on our ability to source a copy, though.

They have also revealed that the DVD, like most Special Making ofs, will be 50 minutes long.

This does mean that I won't expect a full Solo DVD of the calibre we used to get. This will probably be another Image Video. That means 30 minutes of a few lines and watching them shoot the DVD, and perhaps 15 or so minutes worth of an interview, in line with some of the more recent DVDs we've seen Hello! Project produce.

Fanclub orders will run for 3 weeks starting from today, closing on the 7th of November, with the DVD expected to release sometime in December.

A fanclub release only, it would appear. But two years ago I detailed my own method of joining the fanclub - officially restricted to only those with a Japanese postal address. So it's not impossible. It does still beg the question of when, if ever, UFA will get around to updating their registration process to the modern era, and hopefully opening the fanclub to those in overseas countries.


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