Michishige Sayumi - Sayuminglandoll Previews

By now, we've had quite a few previews released of Sayu's upcoming photobook, as release bears down on us from less than a week away.

The PB certainly takes a unique approach, when compared with other photobooks of Sayu's, or H!P photobooks in general.

Interestingly, the PB seems to be quite heavily influenced by 60s media, photography and fashion, and such. Even the excessive use of bright girlish colours like pink and yellow.

Though, in those last two pictures, we can see that the colour isn't maintained the whole way through. For W Saki, Nakajima came up with the idea of having a black book and a white book, and the theme and colours gradually change through the PB from one to the other. Perhaps Sayumi liked the idea?

Sayu has always liked giving us two versions of herself. The cutesy, almost tsundere, character and the more adult, sexy Sayumi. I guess it's that double-faceted nature of her PBs that make them work so well.

That said though, I'm not really liking this PB so far. It definitely feels quite unique, but also somewhat more pretentious than the normal H!P photobook. But I'll just have to see how the rest goes.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long. The PB is released this Thursday, so if there are going to be more previews before then, they'll turn up shortly.


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