Make My Video! Morning Musume Official Contest!

Have you ever looked at a Morning Musume PV and thought that you could do better? Have you ever wished that the amount of solo close-up shots were divided more equally? Ever wanted to be part of the giant that is UP-FRONT WORKS? Well now you have a chance to do a little of all these!

The announcement came a couple days ago. Anime Expo and UP-FRONT have partnered together to bring us an official Morning Musume OPV contest. They are giving you the chance to create the Promotional Video for the new single's c/w song, 3.2.1 Breakin' Out!

They give you a cut down version of the song on the official UP-FRONT website to download for use in your OPV. The catch is that you must use this copy. They don't let you alter the audio in any way, nor are you allowed to use the full version of the song which you ripped from your copy of the CD or downloaded from iTunes. If the audio isn't the same song, the entry will be disqualified.

They also provide a generous collection of footage for you to use. Including the dance shot (and solo-member versions of the dance) and all of the close up versions for you, as well as others. All of these filmed in front of a green-screen, which with a tiny bit of video editing savvy can be replaced with anything you like. From funny clips of cats to your own ultra-high production value animation. You don't have to use the provided clips either, you could record your own video with that handy cam you got for Christmas, or for those artistic of you, you could animate your own cartoons of the girls singing instead. Intellectual Copyright laws still apply, however. Which means I don't think you can take clips of the girls from TV-shows or concert DVDs and use them, regardless of whether you own the DVDs or not.

When you have your totally-original piece of video, you upload it to MySpace and send it to the Official Morning Musume MySpace page, I imagine, ready to be judged when the contest closes this June.

The videos then go on to be judged by an extraordinary panel consisting of:
Morning Musume,
and MySpace.
Imagine that? Morning Musume seeing your video?

It gets even better though, the lucky winner (who will be announced at Anime Expo - I assume the winning video will be shown then too) will receive a comment from the girls themselves on your video, UFW will redistribute your video in a future release and last, but not least, a grand prize total of over $4000.

I dunno about you, but my lips feel sufficiently whetted and my copy of Sony Vegas Pro (or whatever video editing software you'd rather use) ready to go. So, I recommend you check it out. And maybe even give it a try, what do you have to lose?

...Just, uh, don't make your video too good. I'd rather not have so much competition, if you catch my meaning.

On a totally unrelated note, my blog has reached 5,000 visits since the end of July last year. Thank you for your continued patronage. May the second year bring 5,000 more.


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