Okay, some of you may remember my post on the Japanese gore film Suicide Club, and more importantly how I talked about how much I loved the fictional girl group, Dessert, featured in the movie. Well, back then I wrote that I had been pointed in the direction of a real idol group who weren't at all unlike Dessert, that group was SweetS. So here I am talking, once again, about things outside of my realm of Hello!Project.

SweetS was a 5-nin group which debuted in 2003 as a part of Avex. While the group met little success, it did garner something of a cult following and, even though the group dissolved in 2006, still retains much of that following. The five then-aged 12-13 members: Aki; Aya; Haruna; Mai; and Miori managed to produce 11 singles, 1 album, 2 mini-albums (and a Best! compilation) and 2 photobooks during their 3 years in the public eye. An impressive set of numbers, to be sure. It is a shame that the group disbanded when it did, as the members were nearing the prime Idol age of 16-17 at the time. They disbanded about 6 months prior to me taking up an interest in this industry, which is regrettable, but I feel this group, with it's great cult following, will stand the test of time well as we take a trip down memory lane and remember those grand years of the modern Idol industry.

Now, the first thing that strikes me about this group is that they are under the Avex Group. And that comes as no surprise when you listen to the music they produced. The odd thing is that I usually don't like Avex artists. Sure there are a couple that I have a passing interest in, (BoA, for example) but none that I really paid great attention to - that is enough to actively seek out their songs and listen. That is, until I heard SweetS. The chorus for their debut single "LolitA☆Strawberry in Summer" haunts me for days after listening to it, and I keep coming back to these tracks. I guess you come back thinking that if you finally listen to the song after it has plagued your mind all day, you'll finally be able to move on with your life and concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing... But, as we're soon made aware to, that just sets the cycle off again. In fact, it sounds very much like trying to break a drug addiction. So that's their plan, huh?

Of course, these are idols, therefore it isn't just the music that makes them so interesting. TV helps to show their personality. I haven't seen very many TV clips, but I have no doubt that there are plenty out there to find. If you find any good TV shows featuring these girls, don't hesitate to let me know. Thus far my favourite TV clip would be this video where we get to see Haruna's house and meet her family.

One thing I do find odd, though, is that Haruna's older sister comes in while filming and tries to hide out of embarrasment, probably doesn't like being on camera. But it doesn't seem to take her very long to go from that quiet, shy 15-year old to almost loud and obnoxious. Dual personality, perhaps? She does seem like an entirely different person. Of course, this video doesn't show of Haruna's personality much, but her family (and her room) definately make that video an interesting watch. Oh, for the record, Haruna is shaping up to be my favourite member of the group. These are still young days though, this will no doubt change multiple times until I get to know the girls a bit more.

I think one thing that helped me adapt (and adopt) this new group was because of how much they remind me of the Special Generation-Era Berryz Koubou. The two are very different from one another, and yet for some reason which I can't even begin to fathom a guess at, they remind me of one another. Take a peak at their PVs yourself, I'm sure you'll understand what I mean and be just as confused by the fact as I am. Either way, I've no doubt in my mind that it is the feeling of familiarity created by this that has led me to becoming something of a SweetS wota (Jr Grade, of course).

So on that bombshell, let's sit back and watch as SweetS Grow into Shinin' Stars. And even though those stars have since faded, we continue to honour them today.


Adam said...

Ah, SweetS, my first idol group. It's a shame they disbanded, but at the time I would rather it have been that then, say, graduations and auditons all the time. To be honest I wouldn't have minded now, being used to the way Morning Musume works.

And yeah, the similarities between Dessert and SweetS are... a little unsettling at times. I had my friends watch the movie, and the friend that introduced me to SweetS noticed right off the bat. She actually thought for a moment that it was SweetS.

Julia said...

I've never listened to much Avex either, but I've always loved SweetS. I own their first mini-album and adore it.

My goodness, Haruna looks young in that clip! Did that guy just say sixth grade? Wow. And she was so talented already. Makes me feel like I need to work harder in life when kids are pwning me like that, haha. And it's funny seeing the younger sister being the one with her hair dyed and everything.

Nevi said...

This was the best SweetS entry I've ever read, maybe. I really enjoy how you referred to their followers- er, fans as a cult. XD It's probably so true, although I've never really seen it that way before, perhaps because I'm right in the middle of it all! It's interesting to see the opinions of people who entered the SweetS realm after their disbandment...

But yes, they're amazing. And my favourite group. <3 This is all I really wanted to say.

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