Fujimoto Miki getting married!


That's right. It's been reported that former Morning Musume member and comedian Shouji Tomoharu will be married this summer.

Back in 2007, tabloid Friday! Magazine caught pictures of the two together supposedly dating. Normally Up-Front have managed to keep these scandals under wraps and either deny them or just ignore them. Seems it wouldn't work this time as Miki decided it would be best if she admitted to what she had done and resign from Morning Musume as a member, making her the shortest-serving leader in Morning Musume's history with only 3 weeks holding that title.

It's a shame. She had proven in the past that she had what it takes to be a solo artist, and even during her time in Morning Musume she had arguably the biggest fanbase in the group. So after her punishment were done, you'd expect her to return to some sense of normality. But she finally released a new single - in an enka style, which is apparently something she has wanted to do since childhood - which flopped. UFA failed to give it the promotion and publicity it so badly needed, coupling that with the fact that enka already isn't the same popular genre it was in previous decades led to abysmal sales figures. It appeared that things weren't going to well for Miki, and this scandal was probably the worst thing to happen to her entertainment career.

But it appears that Miki hasn't shared our concerns in this, at least not in terms of her personal life, anyway. The fact that she will be marrying the same man who caused her career so much damage over the last two years really shows that she doesn't care. She is happy with him and if we wota can't be happy with that then we can just go elsewhere. This is something to be admired and respected. I have no idea if she will continue as an entertainer or retire from the public eye post-Elder Club. Either way I wish her and her husband-to-be well (and he is one lucky guy!), I think after everything they've been through, that much they deserve.


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