Buono! at the Stockholm Japan Expo!

Well, I'm sure everyone and their grandmother knows about this now. But I've been a little pre-occupied with college, and with Maasa's photobook news lately. And I wanted to talk about it myself.

So, it's been confirmed that everyone's favourite 3-nin Hello!Project group will be paying us Europe fans a little visit in May at the Stockholm Japan Expo. This will be the first time a Hello!Project group has performed in Europe. It'll also be the first time a Hello!Project group has performed in the west. Sure, there have been fanclub concerts in Hawaii by Morning Musume and Ayaya, but as those were fanclub-only (and you can't join the fanclub without a Japanese address) they don't count.

I was a tad annoyed when I heard Morning Musume would be attending Anime Expo in the US. How dare they visit the US before Europe! There's no way I would have been able to pay to fly to CA and see Morning Musume, it would probably end up cheaper for me to fly out to Japan and see them actually in concert. So there was no way I was attending that.

And then this came along! Buono! in Europe? I pretty much forgot all about AX, I'd much rather see Buono! than I would Morning Musume (keeping in mind that I got into H!P through MM and have been a fan for 2+ years). I'm very much looking forward to hearing about AX, but I'm also very much looking forward to telling you all about SJE. That's right. I plan to attend. My parents took a little convincing to let me fly abroad for the first time on my own, but hey! They're going to France and leaving me behind in June, so it's fair right? Except for my brother, who can't attend SJE because it happens to fall right in the middle of his exams.... Not that he could actually afford to go anyway.

But yeah, I'm in the process of booking my flights right now. I'll be there for about a week, I hope. So if anyone has any reccomendations on things to do while I'm there, or wants to meet up with some fellow wota at the Expo, then drop me a message. We can arrange something, right?

Praised be Maasa for delivering H!P to Europe before the US!

UPDATE: Expo Ticket and flights have been booked, accomodation to go. See you guys there!


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