Mano Erina became big!

I put my order for Mano Erina's new PB in last week. And a complete scan is now finally out on H!O, I've had a chance to check it out, and I must say. I like what I see. So I thought I'd talk about it.

Before that though, let's take a few steps back and talk about Mano Erina herself, something that I haven't really had a chance to do with this blog.

Mano wasn't really someone who stood out to me at first, not until her training ended as an egg and she left Ongaku Gatas. The Eggs are still pretty much unknown to me, and Ongaku Gatas never cease to bore me, despite the fact I'm a former Yossy fan. Can't say I'll miss them in this Post-Elder Club world. However, after ManoPiano, I suddenly realised just how great she was. She auditioned and got through the Hello!Project Eggs audition at the age of 15. Two years later and look where she is, huh? Completed her training, getting her Major debut and being featured in Magazines all over the shop. Seems she's become quite popular recently. ManoPiano caught me like a fish on a hook. I thought, "Wow! This girl has a really cute voice. She sounds like a seiyuu! And she plays the piano backing here?" I was seriously impressed. But I have a soft spot for bands that play their own instruments. In my opinion, that's a REAL artist.

Anyway, each song she releases gets catchier and catchier. And watching her live solo performance during the H!P concert was amazing. One song. But I really do think she's a singer who is even better live than in the sound studios where they record her releases. And these last few months she's been getting bigger than ever. A solo concert, solo photobook, and major debut single have all been announced! (And a new TV Dorama to boot!) I have no doubts that she will achieve great things, perhaps help bring H!P out of the depression we've seen in recent years. Only good things can come of ManoEri, that much is clear.

Anyway. on to the photobook! Some of you may call this picspam, but what I'll do is pick some of the pics I like and comment on that picture.

This picture is quite interesting for me, you can see from the ground and the fact that she is carrying an umbrella that it is raining... or should be. Yet, for such a wet day, she is looking incredibly dry and cheery. Not to mention well-lit, as if the sun is shining away on this not-so sunny day. Where IS all that light coming from, I wonder...

I also really like this photo, it's simple, and beautiful... And oh, so similiar to an earlier, older photobook belonging to Yossy. Don't know if anyone can remember the photo I'm talking about, I think it was from her first photobook. It involved a shot a Yossy's face incredibly similiar to this, I think she was also holding some sort of petal or flower then too. Perhaps Mano drew inspiration from that time? Or maybe I'm just imagining that shot, and the Yossy one, in fact, looked nothing like this. Who knows.

This is a... side of ManoEri we don't get to see often... A shame really, it really... re-defines the whole image I have of her. Don't you agree? Lovely er... backdrop, too.

And on that note, we've come to the rear, I mean end of the post. Like I said, I ordered this photobook last week, it hasn't arrived yet, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing it for myself. I suggest you all go out and procure a copy of it yourselves too, because if it's ManoEri, we know it'll be good. And as a farewell present and show of good faith, here is the History of Mano Erina, subbed into english for your enjoyment. Really interesting stuff in there.


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