Morning Musume 37th Single!?

CD [Regular Edition]

CD [w/ photo booklet, Limited Edition]
Includes bonus photobook plus bonus serial-numbered application card.

CD [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Includes bonus DVD plus bonus serial-numbered application card.

Single V DVD

It seems Morning Musume are due to release their new single (that'll make 37!) on September 24th! This is all that has been announced at the moment. It's just been announced, it seems, so the name hasn't been decided yet.

I really wish they would decide on a name BEFORE announcing the single. It gives us something to identify it by, as opposed to "Morning Musume's new single".

For those brave souls out there, you may be ordering your copy as we speak; but I won't be. At least, not until I hear a preview first. Resonant Blue is one of the worst singles H!P have released in the last 3 years, in my opinion... And if this is anything like that I won't be buying a copy.

I leave it up to you, Tsunku. :)


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