Buono! - Gachinko de Ikou

The PV for Buono!'s new single (that will make 4!) has been released on Dohhhup! So this post is dedicated to that video - which you can find at the top of this post.

The video starts out with the three girls sitting around a table in a darkened room wearing khaki-coloured suits. I guess this is supposed to create the look of a poker ring, and it does that just fine once you get past the fact that they are staring at a tower of Jenga blocks. The music finally begins with clips from that Dance Shot. And they've put away those old suits for something much more fitting to the Buono! image.

And it is here, for the first time, we get to see clearly Miyabi's new hair! I'm not sure if it was just for this PV, but I'd like to think that she'll keep it like this. Miyabi hasn't had her hair red since about 2004, and even then, it was closer to brown than it was to red. But this is a beautifuly redder colour. I'd even compare it with Kasumi from the Dead or Alive video game series, if they'd used a colour like that in the movie then the actress might have actually looked like Kasumi.

The song, itself, is fairly typical for this group. Very genki and catchy. When I heard the radio rips for the full song i listened to it all day, no joke. And those little yells in the background, "Sou da! Sou da!", really go a long way to making this a great song. You wouldn't believe it, but after you hear those you just think "This is a really fun song!"

I'll admit, I've liked all of Buono!'s songs from the moment I heard them, and it really doesn't end here as this was an instant favourite.

All I can really say is that if you enjoyed Buono!'s previous singles, then you'll like this. If you don't like them (shame on you!), then you probably won't like this much either.


Liamers said...

Miyani's new hair is nearly being talked about more than the actual pv XD

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