Wota-kai!? Episode 3

So the show returns for its third episode. The support from you guys, however vocal or silent, has been a huge boon to us, and I thank you.

In some ways, Aika's graduation was something of a godsend. Definitely a shocking turn of events, and tragic for her fans, and of course the dejected Gaki fans who feel that they have had something stolen from them, but with regards to this podcast, it couldn't have come at a better time. 

Last week was effectively the dictionary definition of a "slow news week", and so, right up until the day before we were due to start recording, I honestly had no idea how we were going to fill out the news corner. In the end a combination of Berryz' USB concert and the Aika graduation allowed us a pretty lengthy discussion.

This week we were also joined, as last time, by a special guest. The person we did have penciled in to appear this week had to drop out at almost the last minute, and will hopefully be back for episode 4, but that left us scrambling to find a replacement. 

Luckily, Liamers, a Risa fan I have known for nearly 5 years, had been asking to appear on this show. His schedule meant that he would have to appear on it this week, or he'd have to wait indefinitely for his own schedule to free up a little. But we had already promised the show to the afforementioned guest, so we made arrangements to have Liam back at his earliest convenience. 

This meant that when this week's slot opened up, he was available and ready to make an earlier appearance and the show went forward without a hitch.

In terms of format changes, there's not much. In the interests of time, however, we decided to tweak the way the Guest Topic corner works. Where before the guest and each host would bring an individual topic to discuss, we decided to merge the hosts' topics together. This means that the guest will have a topic to discuss, and Ren and I will have another.

On that note, this week's topics were on Hello!Project and their inability to get roles in mainstream dramas, and on fanworks such as vocal and dance covers, and whether there is any entertainment value in them for anyone other than the creator.

Episode three of Wota-kai!? can be downloaded from Hello! Online tracker here. Alternatively, you can stream it via the widget below.


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