Tsuji Nozomi Pregnant... Again!

Ex-Musume Tsuji Nozomi announced on Wednesday her second pregnancy.

We all remember the news the first time around. Tsuji was several months pregnant, and was getting married to Taiyo Sugiura, an actor famous for playing the titular character in children's TV show Ultraman. Shocking news, to say the least, and it caused her to leave Hello!Project on maternity leave at a time when she was caught in a long period of inactivity after fellow W (Double You) member Kago Ai was suspended after her underage smoking scandal (and then her contract finally ended a year later after a repeat scandal). This inactivity on Tsuji's part due to Kago Ai's scandal and her own scandalous pregnancy lasted right up until her official graduation in February 2009 where she appeared for her last time on stage as a Hello!Project member alongside her fellow Elder Club members who were also graduating, and the Wonderful Hearts members that make up Hello!Project today.

Tsuji attended a public event on Tuesday, Tokyograph reports, and had been feeling strange for several weeks. She underwent a medical examination the following day, where she was informed that she was seven weeks pregnant.

This is shocking news for me, I can only imagine how shocked Tsuji and her husband Taiyo were. Once again, we should continue to support Tsuji, and look forward to the inevitable pictures of random baby limbs that were such a common sight on her blog after her first child, Noa, was born.


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