Berryz Kobo Live in Bangkok


Well, I'm sure many of us are aware now that Berryz are playing a concert in Thailand. Bangkok, to be more precise. This, I'm sure, is great news for many of us. Great news for Berryz too. It makes the second time they have performed overseas. First Korea and now Thailand, they are well on their way to becoming the next internationaly-recognised H!P group, it seems. Or at least within Asia, anyhow. That fact evidenced by the fact that they are slated to perform at a 10,000-seating sports stadium.

As such, it would be wonderful to attend this historic concert. To support Berryz in their expansion into east Asia. And of course, to finally see Berryz live for the first time.

But this puts me in a bit of a predicament. A month before the concert I'm set to arrive in London for the 2010 Eurowota meet. However, that will prove so expensive that there's no way I'd be able to go to both. In fact, I'm not sure if I can really afford to go to London for the meet as I had set my goals on reaching Japan for a month around October. And I'm not sure if I can afford Japan after Eurowota, I definately can't afford it if I go to Thailand.

Thus, my predicament. On the Eurowota hand I get to see and meet some familiar faces from this year's meet again, as well as new faces. To this day I still think of the Eurowota 2009 meet in Stockholm as the best weekend of my life. So perhaps you understand why I want to go again. But by going to Thailand I'd get to see Berryz live, support them during their expansion and, as Cotton Cloth pointed out to me, get to see Maasa live! And then there's Japan... Well, that kind of speaks for itself. To live in Japan for a month, see concerts, experience the Japanese way of living, and hopefully learn to be a bit more independant in the process.

Then of course there is the travel itself. I love London, I've only been there a couple times in my life and it's a wonderful city. But it's still a very British way of life. By going to Thailand or Japan, I'd have the chance to see sights I've never seen before and experience a whole new culture first-hand.

Looks like I've got a bit of thinking to do, and alot of trying to balance how much money I have.

I'm trully torn.


Krv said...

Aren't teh lolis quite cheap in Thailand too? XD

Dran said...

Hahahahaha... (sweat)

Alita said...

With how expensive the Thailand tickets are going to go (well unless you know someone in Thailand to get them cheap, but even those will sell out and be on auction right away) it really would be more economical to just come to Japan for a month. Flights to and from Japan aren't that bad, neither are tickets if you have someone get them through FC or direct sale, and you can do a lot more normal things than spending so much just to see one concert where you have almost no chance of getting a good seat.

But then there is the fact that everything in Thailand is supposed to be really cheap.

Dran said...

True. I'd actually pay around the same for flights to Thailand as I would Japan, I think.

The reported price for tickets to the conert was between 900 and 4000 baht. Presumably closer = more expensive. Those prices are relatively cheap. Although the upper end is a little more expensive, it's no more than you'd hope to pay with Japanese re-sellers.

I'll just have to wait and see. But your insight was valuable. Thank you. :)

Berryz Kobo said...

I got my tickets!! it's tonight!!! yay!

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