Regarding my Yurei series

First off allow me to say this has been a wonderful Halloween. I've enjoyed doing research on and watching the movies that I have been writing about over the past week. Watching these movies is great, but it's writing about them that you really come to appreciate these works of art, I envy people who get to do it as a proffession.

However, I'd like to appologise now for failing to meet the expectations that I had for myself, and had promised to meet. I promised 7 movies, and had planned to deliver. However, as it got closer and closer to the deadline for these releases I found it increasingly difficult to cope. It's a combination of factors, some of which I'm to blame for, and others which were totally outwith my own control, that meant I fell short. I had started several of them too late, which wasn't helped by the fact I fell ill for several days the week before the series were due to start being published and didn't feel up to much but resting.

And then I had to start balancing work with other places, so at some points I was having to watch the movies and write the reviews, and then do my assignments for ICU-Subs at the same time in order to get it finished and not let down the people who are waiting to work on it when I'm finished my role down - which I'm still in the middle of.

In the end I ran out of time. The last one I published, Perfect Blue, was actually completed 3 hours later than I'd hoped to have it published. I had hoped to do two more, including the Ju-on movie featuring Kago Ai, over the last 2 days. But they remain incomplete. These may pop up later sometime in the future, but not having them done when I wanted them to be I'm rather dissapointed in myself.

However, now that the Halloween week is over, my priorities will return to the usual Idol-focused blogging. Keep an eye out for the two last Yurei reviews, but I'm afraid that it may be some time before I get around to completing them now that I don't have a schedule to try keep with them.

Thank you for reading the last five, assuming you did, however. I hope you enjoyed the ones I was able to put out.


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