Mai Hagiwara First Photobook

Well, the news surfaced in the recent issue of UpToBoy magazine. Hagiwara Mai would be the new member to get her first photobook, and the 3rd member of C-ute to get one so far. Due to the very nature of this topic, I'm almost treating it as a continuation of my last entry on junior idols. I'm very much looking forward to this photobook, I'm sure there are others out there who feel the same.

However, I've yet to come across many of those people. So far I've seen a huge negative response to this news. From both the same conservative people who say that 13 is way too young to be shooting photobooks. My own opinion on that topic is fairly well documented in my last entry and on various topically-related threads on the Musume-Central forums. I could spend the next 5 paragraphs talking about my opinion on Junior idols and photobooks, but ultimately I'd just be repeating the same things I've said half a dozen times before - and the people in the conservative camp don't want to hear any opinion different from their own anyway. Interestingly, however, there is another group entirely who are dissapointed by UFA's decision. Who? Those hardcore C-ute fans who say, "Why couldn't it have been Nakky instead?" While it's true that there are plenty of H!P girls who don't have a photobook to their name yet, and no doubt deserve one, while certain other girls are pumping out their 4th... does all that even matter?

Ultimately the news that any idol is getting her first PB is great. Wether it is MaiMai, Maasa or Chisato, it's news to be rejoiced. "But this girl needs one more" arguements don't really hold much value. We already know that your favourite PB-less idol deserves one, but why should we let that take away from and ruin someone else's favourite's first PB? Right? Right.

Anyway. The Photobook is due for release on the 10th of October. As far as I'm aware it's currently untitled. Either that or her name is the title, which is pretty common for an idol's first PB so it wouldn't surprise me. I haven't seen it available for preorder on YesAsia yet, but I'll keep an eye out.


Alita said...

I'm excited about this. I don't see her as too young at all. She's grown up a lot, besides wasn't Airi 11 when she got her first one?

I mean does it really matter whether or not some people look at these in perverted ways. Yes there are U10 photobooks of a sketchy nature, but you know what, those kids parents sign off on the child doing the shots and are the ones getting them into the industry anyways.

Go Maimai, now if only my Junjun would also get one in the Musume department.

m-m said...

Finally, I was waiting for this PB since she joined. Had to buy 2 copies. I for collection (sealed) and one for daily use. ^^;

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