Another little update

This is just a short entry to keep you guys updated. Sorry for not updating at all this week. I guess for me it's been a bit of a slow news week.

That said, I do have a couple things to report.

First off, the blog now has a custom domain name, and can now be reached at www.berryzkyuuden.com. I'm hoping this will help my traffic as I get more return visitors, because it is shorter and easier to remember, I find, than the old URL. People say things like "I don't write for the views. I write because I want to write." Or something like that. And while that's partially true of me, I do want my words to be read by others. When people read my entries and comment on them, it gives me some feeling of accomplishment.

And on a not-too-distant note, I've also added a chatbox to the left. I hope it will make it easier to communicate with you all, as sometimes what you want to say isn't very relevent to the entry you may be commenting on. I encourage you to use it. Even if you just want to drop me a little "Hello." or something.

And finally, I've set up a new blog. Partly inspired by Shirow from Wotaku Now! when he created his second, Maimi-dedicated blog I Love My Maimi. But the main inspiration for it is explained in depth in the first entry. The new blog? A totally Maasa-dedicated blog known as The Church of Maasa. It's new and I haven't done much with it yet, but I look forward to working CoM as well as Berryz Kyuuden. Yorishiku onegaishimasu.


Shirow said...

Yo Dran I'll be sure to keep checking your Maasa blog!
Also nice domain name! I didn't know we could do that ... I'll have to look into this ..

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